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Sports Injuries

Overuse and acute injuries from playing sport can be a result of biomechanical dysfunction, muscle imbalance, repetitive strain as well as technique. Assessment and treatment of injuries from all sports are treated particularly running, tennis and football. Advice about footwear and technique is paramount to a successful outcome and is often overlooked. A full review is included at your initial appointment.

Sports biomechanics solutions

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Pain in the ball of the foot is often termed metatarsalgia, this can include neuromas, bursitis, joint pain as well as tendonitis. Assessment of the forefoot whilst walking and movement of the toes allows for mechanical evaluation of your foot function. By diagnosing your complaint and planning an appropriate treatment plan we are able to provide effective outcomes for metatarsal pain.

Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is the most common diagnosis of heel pain and can be a chronic condition that is tricky to cure. There are other conditions that cause pain in the heel that are often overlooked and providing an accurate diagnosis can be the missing link to recovery. Stretching, taping, footwear advice and often an orthoses insole can be effective treatments in resolving heel pain. Combined treatments with other health professionals are frequently required to improve pain. We can work with your physiotherapist, medic or consultant to rehabilitate you back to normal.

Bunion Deformities

Hallux valgus deformity of the big toe is often called a bunion. This is when the big toe deviates towards the 2nd toe and can create a lump on the side and top of your foot. Often this deformity is hereditary and is only symptomatic if there is arthritis in the joint or irritation from footwear.  Foot movement is frequently altered in the presence of this deformity and symptoms around the joint vary. Mobilising and strengthening the joint whilst altering foot function assist in improving pain. In some cases surgical intervention is required and appropriate referral to a specialist consultant foot and ankle surgeon is made.

Footwear Problems

Footwear choices can be causative to foot pain and pathology, be it high heels with a narrow toe or low flat shoes that are too sloppy. Correct size, design and movement of the shoe specific to your foot shape and function provides the ultimate fit. Footwear advice for everyday use, sport specific choices and walking are provided with examples of suitable outlets to purchase new shoes if required.

Osteoarthritis Of The Foot

The foot has 33 joints many which are small and can cause pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.  This joint disease can take many years to create deformity and pain can be felt prior to thickening of the joint. Improving mobility and muscular function around the affected joint often provides relief and restores movement. Bespoke insoles to cushion and support the foot are often helpful as well as appropriate footwear advice. Foot arthritis is very common and often left untreated leading to gross deformity as we age.

Knee & Hip Dysfunction

Connection between movement of the foot and leg can combine muscle dysfunction and create strain further up the limb. Knee and hip pain can sometimes be due to foot posture. Improving the function of the joint chain allows for improved motion throughout. Working with your physiotherapist, medic or consultant we are able to design an appropriate treatment plan to help with lower limb pain.